Personal Injury

A man who has injured himself on a building site

Accident compensation specialists in Belfast

A man who has injured himself on a building site

Helping you tackle personal injury claims effectively

Have you been involved in a road accident and suffered a personal injury? In cases of negligence of the opposing party, you are entitled to due compensation for the damages caused - the legal team at Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd have experience in such cases.

We have specific expertise in dealing with industrial injuries and accidents at work. In the last 2 years, we have provided settlement for 2 cases worth £3 million and £2 million each. You can rely on us to handle a variety of straightforward or complicated personal injury and compensation claims.
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Ensuring due accident compensation in: 

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Industrial accidents on the factory premises
  • Accidents or mishaps in the office
  • Motor insurance related claims
  • Damage and accident report analysis
No matter the nature of the accident, you can trust us to find a legal solution and help you gain the compensation you deserve. In addition to industrial accident cases, we also deal with industrial disease related claims for individuals in Belfast and other major areas in Antrim. Call us today to find out more.
An old man with a neck brace and on crutches
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