Conveyancing and Property

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Conveyancing experts for domestic properties in Belfast

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Handling property purchase legal procedures

Are you thinking of buying or selling a domestic property? Transferring property ownership is an intricate legal process and needs to be handled carefully.

Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd have been property solicitors in Belfast for over 30 years. From rent issues to property deed transfers, you can rely on us for consultations and solutions on related matters. 
Need help with the legalities involved in property purchase in the Antrim area? Contact Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd today

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Ensuring hassle-free conveyancing procedures for:

  • Creation of tenancy
  • Property gifting
  • Property purchase
  • Real estate sales
  • Ground rent issues
  • Agreements on title in the event of the owner's demise
You can trust us to serve your requirements. Besides property issues, we also provide consultations and assistance on will preparation and probate cases. If you need any further information, feel free to call or visit our office in Belfast today.
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