Probate and Administration of Estates

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Asset realisation and estate administration solicitors in Belfast

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Asset distribution and inheritance plan execution

If you want to ensure that your will is correctly executed, an estate administrator is a great option to consider. Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd is an established business with expertise in providing a variety of services. From ensuring property ownership transfer to will execution, we ensure are all of your wishes are met according to the will. You can rest assured that your loved ones will not be burdened in any way.
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We deal with probate litigation cases including:

  • Grant of Representation
  • Application preparation to the probate registry
  • Asset realisation
  • Inheritance tax calculation
  • Post death variations
  • Nomination of an administrator of estate
Along with the will execution, we also help with drafting and documentation of the will as well. Contact us today and ensure that your inheritance is handled effectively.
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