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Handling employment claims in Belfast since 1985

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Industrial tribunal litigation specialists

Wrongful treatment at work is a problem faced in most types of work environments. Taking legal actions against your employer is a decision best taken with the guidance and support of an established litigator. Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd is an ideal choice for you in this matter. We deal with all types of employment claims including:
  • Unfair dismissal without valid cause
  • Workplace discrimination cases involving gender, race or disability
  • Settlement agreements including legal costs funding by employer
  • Industrial tribunal representation
If you are looking for legal representation for industrial tribunal cases in the Belfast area

Call 028 9024 3040 or 028 9032 0035

Reliable litigators by your side

At Agnew Andress Higgins Solicitors Ltd, we are committed to providing our clients with expert legal assistance for quick and effective settlement of their cases. From employment claims for wrongful termination cases to domestic property issues, we have successfully handled a variety of cases. Do not hesitate to call and book an appointment with our team. You can rest assured knowing that we are on hand to support you in the Antrim area.
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